Sharon Avraham


Throughout the course of my life, I have found myself drawn to the nature of social textures. The behaviour of a human within a group, and the individual and collective relation that man derives from his meaningful experiences.

My works deal with intimate connections between people. Creating new and unconventional spaces in which the person or group receives new meaning through the medium of photography, interactive installations, or a transformative event.

In my photographic work, I move from a conceptual to a documentary style, and seek the balance between the intimate and personal search that takes place throughout the stages of a photographic process. In the face of creating a fantastic and expressive world that is freed from time and place constraints and gives freedom to the alter ego created by the encounter between me and my subject.

Sharon is the co-founder of Midbun (Burning Man Israeli regional) and founder of the Midburn art program. 

Sharon is an active member and co-founder of Fugara art collective, Fugara is an interdisciplinary group of artists, designers, and makers creating interactive and immersive experiences through large scale installations.

As an artist and a cultural activist I try to integrate my passion with my project's. Moving on on the line between being an event producer to an art director in various project in the business world as well in the free culture field.